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Kit Parker Films
In 1971 I founded Kit Parker Films as a 16mm non-theatrical motion picture distributor. In the 1980s we expanded into theatrical distribution, and soon represented the classic libraries of major studios and independent producers.In 2000 the film distribution part of our business was phased out as the growing accessibility of DVDs made film distribution technologically outmoded. Today I concentrate fully on my passion, locating and restoring former "orphan films." Throughout the years I noticed ... (more)
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David Harding, Counterspy


Video: David Harding, Counterspy

David Harding, Conunterspy

Howard St. John is the Washington DC based -

. . .

Danger Zone


Video: Danger Zone

Forgotten Noir Volume 7 features a triple feature from the 1950's


. . .

The Big Chase


Video: The Big Chase

Forgotten Noir Volume 7 features a triple feature from the 1950's


. . .

The Man From Cairo


Video: The Man From Cairo

"The Man from Cairo", a Michaeldavid production for distribution by Lippert, with . . .

Mask Of The Dragon


Video: Mask Of The Dragon

Lt. Dan Oliver (Richard Emory), an American soldier in Korea, agrees to deliver a . . .

Bad Blonde


Video: Bad Blonde

A prizefighter has a torrid affair with his manager's wife and conspires to murder . . .

Man Bait


Video: Man Bait

Look out... Diana Dors in the title role makes the title redundant! While working . . .

A Race For Life


Video: A Race For Life

1954, an idol of auto racing fans attempts a comeback after sercing in the Air Force. . . .

The Unholy Four


Video: The Unholy Four

From the original 35mm negative - The Unholy Four. Someone knocked a man out and . . .

The Black Glove


Video: The Black Glove

1953, a famed trumpet player is suspected of murdering a blues singer, using only . . .

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