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SGL Entertainment
With over ten years of experience in the movie and film business We have acquired a strong network of distribution partners Making our titles available in all formats worldwide
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Video: Scorned

Beth, hitchhiking cross country on a lonely highway, is offered a much needed ride . . .

The Magnificent Dead


Video: The Magnificent Dead

The Magnificent Dead takes place in the 1870's in the small Texas town of Rosewood . . .



Video: Jezebeth

I've done the unthinkable, given birth to an abomination, a creature, a black beast, . . .

The Hostile Takeover


Video: The Hostile Takeover

Jay Davis stars in the independent flick, The Hostile Takeover. Johnny Coughlin . . .

The Day Of The Dead


Video: The Day Of The Dead

Based on true facts, a gang of suburban kids is sport-killing home-less people just . . .

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