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The Gator Group
We produce thrillers and horror videos including the long running series Unhappy End!, Nightmare Follies and The Moonlight Orchids.
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The Moonlight Orchids


Video: The Moonlight Orchids

Movie producer Melvin K. Lee meets with a young actress, Bianca Goldberg (Kim Baldwin) . . .

Unhappy End! Episode 6


Video: Unhappy End! Episode 6

An uncanny psychopath teases and kills some beautiful girls during a beauty contest. . . .

Nightmare Follies - Episode 1: Stars Will Perish


Video: Nightmare Follies - Episode 1: Stars Will Perish

Laura (Maja Loom), star of the musical version of Troj, is lured to an audition by . . .

Unhappy End! Episodes 1 - 3


Video: Unhappy End! Episodes 1 - 3

A model is lured to a photo shooting by a jealous photographer who thinks the model . . .

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Unhappy End! Episode 12


Video: Unhappy End! Episode 12

A young woman who will marry the very next day is contacted by Elizabeth, the former . . .