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Herman Cohen Productions
Herman Cohen Productions, Inc. was set up in 1955 by legendary writer/producer Herman Cohen of I WAS A TEENAGE WEREWOLF fame. Cohen's numerous movies include TARGET EARTH starring Richard Denning & Kathleen Crowley, THE MAGNIFICENT ROUGHNECKS starring Mickey Rooney & Jack Carson, THE BRASS LEGEND starring Hugh O'Brien, CRIME OF PASSION starring Barbara Stanwyck & Sterling Hayden, HORRORS OF THE BLACK MUSEUM and KONGA starring Michael Gough, the Sherlock Holmes classic A STUDY IN TERROR starring John Neville, Robert Morley & Judy Dench, CROOKS & CORONETS starring Telly Savalas & Dame Edith Evans and Joan Crawford's last two pictures BERSERK and TROG.
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The Crocodile

Video: The Crocodile

From the slimy depths of the ocean nature explodes with savage fury!

Dr. . . .


The Strangers Gundown

Video: The Strangers Gundown

With its horror-movie styling and ultra-violent nature, this perfect example of a . . .


Today We Kill, Tomorrow We Die!

Video: Today We Kill, Tomorrow We Die!

Bill Kiowa (Montgomery Ford) is released after a five-year prison term for a crime . . .


Steel Fisted Dragon

Video: Steel Fisted Dragon

Steve Lee's mother and family are attacked by a group of thugs. They harshly murder . . .


Watch Me When I Kill

Video: Watch Me When I Kill

Antonio Bido (aka Anthony Bido) directed this well-crafted Italian giallo thriller, . . .


The Dragon Lives

Video: The Dragon Lives

The true story of Bruce Lee, a phenomenal legend and the greatest martial art star . . .