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Shock-O-Rama Cinema
Shock-O-Rama Cinema is a feature film horror label and subsidiary studio of New Jersey-based motion picture production & marketing compan, PopCinema. Utilizing its HD production/post-production facilities and team of genre veterans to create original, in-house produced films, and via traditional licensing from genre-dedicated filmmakers, Shock-O-Rama releases 12 horror titles each year into the Home Video, Pay-Per-View, Video-on-Demand, International and Internet markets.
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Psycho Sisters


Video: Psycho Sisters

Jackie and Jane are sexy siblings with a dark and troubled past: they witnessed their . . .

2 Ratings

HP Lovecraft's The Lost Child


Video: HP Lovecraft's The Lost Child

The Lost Child will cause you to creep around your house and neighborhood in trepidation... . . .

Y2K: Shut Down Detected


Video: Y2K: Shut Down Detected

December 31, 1999. 11:59 PM. Kirkland Industries, a bio-tech genetic engineering . . .



Video: Demoness

Jim Barton has lost the woman of his dreams, and he will do anything to win her back...even . . .

Voodoun Blues


Video: Voodoun Blues

A black and white, 16mm film featuring a pernicious practitioner of black magic (Katie . . .

11 Ratings

Suburban Nightmare


Video: Suburban Nightmare

Charles and Deborah would love to have you for dinner! Shock-O-Rama Cinema - the . . .

The Night Divides The Day


Video: The Night Divides The Day

A psychopathic killer is stalking the campus of Hollows Pointe University. Three . . .



Video: Cremains

Descend into a world of darkness and sin. Cremains is a macabre, twisted and sexy . . .

2 Ratings

Serial Killer Massacre


Video: Serial Killer Massacre

Ted is a depraved serial killer...until he meets Leah. Then he becomes a real monster. . . .

Tales From The Cannibal Side


Video: Tales From The Cannibal Side

From the rotting depths of unimaginable terror come three grisly, gore-soaked short . . .

2 Ratings
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