Purchase Options

Pay Per Minute Video

Purchase a package of minutes and they will be applied to your account balance. A minute is deducted from your balance for each minute you watch of a movie.

Watch all or part of any movie. Go from movie to movie as often as you like. You can use your minutes from any computer at any location. You do not have to use all of your minutes when you purchase them. They will remain in your account indefinitely until you use them.

So come back whenever you want and your unused, remaining minutes will be in your account!

Tips for using your minutes:

Streaming Rental

A rental allows unlimited viewing for as many times as you want during the rental period.

Studio Rental

A studio rental allows unlimited viewing of videos listed under that studio for the duration of the rental period.

You can see your current studio rentals by going to My Saved and from the menu click on My Studio Rentals.

Lifetime Streaming Purchase

This option allows you to purchase a title and come back to watch it any time you like without ever deducting minutes from your balance. You own the title indefinitely, and can come back and watch it any time and as often as you like!

Lifetime Streaming Purchase + Download

This option provides all the benefits of the "Lifetime Streaming Purchase", but with the added option to download the video file to your computer.