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Jiz Lee
Jiz LeeJiz LeeJiz LeeJiz LeeJiz LeeJiz LeeJiz LeeJiz LeeJiz Lee
Aliases: Gauge (Jiz Lee), Vasa, Beau Flex
Years Active: 2006 -
Born: Oct 30th 1980 / Scorpio
Birth Place: Hawaii, US United States
Gender: Non-Binary
Ethnicity: Hapa
Breast Size: 30A
Typical Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Tattoos: Small line on spine
Piercings: Right nipple
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Biography of Jiz Lee

Jiz Lee is a genderqueer porn star whose work spans six countries within indie, queer, and mainstream adult film genres. Known for an androgynous look and enthusiastic sexual performances, Jiz has received multiple AVN nominations, and are the Feminist Porn Awards' Boundary Breaker and 2013 Heartthrob of the Year. When not performing, they work behind the scenes at Pink & White Productions and lecture on queer pornography, pleasure, and performative sex, most recently at Princeton University and the American Studies Association Conference. Jiz is also the co-founder of Fisting Day (October 21st), an annual holiday to celebrate, educate, and normalize the oft censored (yet legal and consensual) act of hand sex. As a writer, their words appear in The Feminist Porn Book, Genderqueer, and the anthology How To Come Out Like A Porn Star. (Fun fact: Jiz is the first and only contributor to have post article accompanied by a "vulva-selfie.") Ever fascinated by the radical potential of love and art, Jiz blogs at

Jiz Lee believes that porn and radical sex is activism. Particularly for people of marginalized communities, where creating their own images and media representation is critical. As a genderqueer performer, Jiz has worked with queer porn companies such as Pink & White Productions, Madison Bound Productions, and No Fauxxx, and has been featured in Logo's Lesbian Sex and Sexuality and on Behind Kink. Jiz's first porno scene with real life partner Shawn (aka Syd Blakovich) in The Crash Pad was awarded Hottest Dyke Sex Scene by the Feminist Porn Awards.

In 2015, Jiz edited an anthology of sex worker's stories entitled Coming Out Like A Porn Star, which features stories from Stoya, Nina Hartely, Annie Sprinkle, and Joanna Angel to name a few.

Turn ons include: authentic enthusiastic fun sex, androgyny and genderfuck, ejaculation, gapers, switches, dorks, techies, kinky experimentation, and pleasure activists. Photo courtesy of

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