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Carmen Argenziano Pornstar Biography

Carmen Argenziano is a unknown adult model whose career commenced in 1988.

Carmen's Porn Career

Carmen has performed in movies created by just a couple of studios: Synapse Films and After Hours Cinema. This porn star are very versatile and have starred in movies which are associated with 6 categories. These span the spectrum from classic scenes for women to classic stories , and also softcore.

Carmen has worked with a number of stars which include M. Emmet Walsh, Dolph Lundgren as well as Margaret Markov.

The collection of videos in which Carmen Argenziano appears has both Red Scorpion and Hot Box (Remastered Grindhouse Edition).

While Carmen Argenziano is not retired it has been many years since last video. We are hopeful that this is just a very long career pause and that we will see some captivating new work from them very soon.

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