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Carrie LaChance
Years Active: 2005 -
Born: Apr 30th 1985 / Taurus
Birth Place: Augusta, ME, US United States
Gender: Female
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Height: 5ft 4in
Breast Size: 32DDD
Typical Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Brown
Implants: Yes
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Carrie LaChance Porn Star Biography

Carrie LaChance is an American softcore model, actress, entrepreneur, and cosplayer. She's most known for her specific damsel in distress, lingerie and fetish videos.

After graduating high school, she enrolled in beauty school and worked several different jobs just to make ends meet: cashier, hostess, telemarketer, and a pizza delivery driver. While at her hostessing job, she was discovered by a local photographer, who offered to shoot her. Eventually, she started booking more and more modeling jobs on her own. From there, she began developing her own unique style as a model.

In 2006, Carrie became co-owner of ArchEnemys Studios, a multimedia production company for film and photography. In 2008, she launched her official website


Since making her industry debut in 2005, Carrie has made her living performing in fetish, modeling, and softcore titles. Throughout the years she's worked exclusively for ArchEnemys and on her own site. Do yourself a favor, and watch Carrie get out of a sticky situation in Carrie Clay o5.

Fun Facts

  • She's a dog lover.
  • Her favorite food is a ham & green pepper pizza.
  • Off the set, she loves shopping , hair styling, doing makeup, and dining out.
  • Favorite TV shows: Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, and Dexter.
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Carrie Clay 05

Video: Carrie Clay 05

7 Ratings

This video is a rather laid back view of what our mud photo shoots are like. This . . .


Carrie Quicksand 05

Video: Carrie Quicksand 05

5 Ratings

Yet another quicksand adventure with Carrie! Join her as she explores the pit a . . .


Carrie Quicksand 06

Video: Carrie Quicksand 06

3 Ratings

Carrie manages to put together some incredible sinking poses & struggling scenes . . .


Carrie Clay 06

Video: Carrie Clay 06

7 Ratings

Carrie gets trapped crossing a clay pit and realizes she is not the nly one stuck . . .


Double Dribble

Video: Double Dribble

5 Ratings

Two ArchAngels battle one on one for all the marbles on this very court. Attire is . . .


Lawn Mowing Angels

Video: Lawn Mowing Angels

2 Ratings

This is perhaps the most entertaining video of our vast collection. Carrie & Ashlyn . . .


Reporting Live

Video: Reporting Live

7 Ratings

Word leaks out that a large, dangerous pit of quicksand is not properly sealed off . . .


Hike Gone Wrong

Video: Hike Gone Wrong

14 Ratings

As Carrie & Ashlyn are on their way to a photo shoot they foolishly throw their keys . . .


Mud Survey

Video: Mud Survey

6 Ratings

Time to get sexy! Carrie's school project was supposed to be easy. The project is . . .


Lil' Red Riding Hood

Video: Lil' Red Riding Hood

13 Ratings

In this exciting DVD Carrie plays the cute and sexy Lil' Red riding hood. When a . . .


Carrie Cruiseship 02

Video: Carrie Cruiseship 02

5 Ratings

The cruise ship is leaving but we just had to squeeze in one last shoot before we . . .


Mud Pit Tour

Video: Mud Pit Tour

5 Ratings

Carrie gives an in-depth tour of our famous location for filming mud videos.


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