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Gender: Female
Ethnicity: Caucasian
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Danielle Raftus Pornstar Biography

Danielle Raftus is a female actress.

Danielle's Porn Career

Ms. Raftus has performed only with ArchEnemys. This adult model is highly gifted and has performed in videos which are associated with 9 categories ranging from outdoor scenes to pantyhose.

Danielle has worked only with Randi.

The list of movies in which Ms. Danielle Raftus appears includes Danielle Explorer 01, Danielle Clay 01 and Danielle Explorer 02. The two series in which Ms. Raftus has acted are Danielle Clay and Danielle Explorer.

While Ms. Danielle Raftus is not retired it has been 17 years since her last video. We are hopeful that this is just an extended career pause and that we will see some amazing new work from her very soon.

Title Any

Doubleshot Mall 01

Video: Doubleshot Mall 01

3 Ratings

Daniella and Randi pay a visit to one of Florida's largest malls. Now we never do . . .


Danielle Test 01

Video: Danielle Test 01

6 Ratings

When Danielle gets a pair of SuperArch sandals, she thinks they'll be easier to walk . . .


Danielle Clay 02

Video: Danielle Clay 02

6 Ratings

Why did Danielle get dressed up in high heels to go to roll around in clay? Because . . .


Danielle Explorer 02

Video: Danielle Explorer 02

8 Ratings

Danielle returns to the same mud flat at this time the tide will not be in for several . . .


Danielle Lawn 01

Video: Danielle Lawn 01

Even we were surprised when Danielle agreed to wearing 5 and half inch heels while . . .


Danielle Clay 01

Video: Danielle Clay 01

5 Ratings

ArchEnemys presents Danielle in her time to get sexy. This was to be Danielle's first . . .


Danielle Explorer 01

Video: Danielle Explorer 01

4 Ratings

Danielle - Explorer 01 explores extremely rough terrain of one of Maine's mud flats. . . .


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