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Selma Sins
Years Active: 2013 -
Born: May 18th 1990 / Taurus
Birth Place: Sylmar, CA United States
Gender: Female
Ethnicity: Latin
Height: 5ft
Breast Size: 36B
Typical Hair Color: Brunette
Eye Color: Brown
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Selma Sins Biography

Selma Sins is a gorgeous Latina porn star with over 50 films to her name. Sins appears in titles ranging from amateur, BDSM, interracial, group sex, lesbian, plot-oriented, and solo scenes.

Early Life

Selma Sins is a self-described "born and raised Valley girl." The studious starlet had no intentions of entering the adult industry. Sins was working as a medical assistant when she received a phone call from a reputable adult agency. In order to make extra money, Sins put up a profile on a modeling website, which is how her agent found and contacted her. Sins intended to only do commercial modeling work initially, but decided to give the adult industry a try.


While still working at the doctor's office, Sins filmed her first few scenes. When she realized that she was getting booked enough to cover the cost of quitting her day job, Sins left the medical field behind and chose to give her all to porn. While she has stated that she plans on doing anal in the future, her fans eagerly await the arrival of that day. Sins admits that joining the industry has made her somewhat of a "size queen" in her personal life, but she's just happy to be making money doing what she loves.

Star Quotes

On the subject of her unshaved pubic hair, "When I first started, I was bare no hair and was like that for about a year. I didn't really like the look after a while. I like to embrace the whole Latina all natural and with that comes hair. So, I decided to grow it and the feedback I got was very supportive. So, I decided to grow it and keep it. Now I see more and more girls growing and I love it! It's simply beautiful and that is a fetish of it's own. I can't wait to see it become more of a demand."

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