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Desiree Giorgetti Pornstar Biography

Desiree Giorgetti is a unknown performer whose adult industry career commenced in 2015.

Desiree's Porn Career

Desiree has starred just with Synapse Films. They have worked in movies involving horror and suspense, and Hd Movies -> Streaming Video

Desiree has acted with a variety of other performers including Giuseppe Nitti, Valentina D' Andrea and also Simone Ripanti.

Desiree Giorgetti has only appeared in Morituris - Legions Of The Dead.

While Desiree is not retired it has been several years since last film. We hope that this is just an extended career pause and that we will see some fantastic new work from them very soon.

Title Any

Morituris - Legions Of The Dead

Video: Morituris - Legions Of The Dead

Two naive Romanian girls end up on a road trip when they meet three cute Italian . . .


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