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Pia Snow
Aliases: Pia Sands, Michelle Bauer
Years Active: 1981 -
Born: Oct 1st 1958 / Libra
Birth Place: Montebello, CA, USA United States
Gender: Female
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Height: 5ft 7in
Breast Size: 38C
Typical Hair Color: Brunette
Eye Color: Brown
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Pia Snow Pornstar Biography

Pia Snow is a brunette female adult film star whose video career started in 1981. This Libra was born on Oct 1, 1958. It is noteworthy that Ms. Snow, a Libra, was born the same day as Michelle Bauer. Pia Snow originated from Montebello, CA, USA.

Pia's Porn Career

Ms. Pia Snow has worked with adult movie studios including SRS Cinema, LLC, Totally Tasteless Video, and Gourmet Video. She is very talented and has starred in movies which are associated with 46 categories ranging from 90's classics to pony play.

Pia has worked with a sizable group of actors including Stacey Donovan, Mike Feline and also Jay Sterling. Paired together 5 times, Anna Ventura has had the honor of being seen most frequently with Ms. Pia Snow. Their most recent video, Wine Me, Dine Me, 69 Me, was released in 1983 by VCX. The collection of videos in which they have acted together also contains Licking Lips (Gourmet Video), Crowd Pleasing Sluts (Gourmet Video), and Les Girls (Gourmet Video).

The collection of movies in which Pia is featured contains Mari-Cookie And The Killer Tarantula, American Tickling Classics: Tied & Tickled 1&2 and The Flesh Merchant. Fewer than half of her videos are part of a series. The list of movie series in which Ms. Pia Snow has appeared includes Tied & Tickled, Bad Girls (VCX) and Maid For Bondage.

While Pia Snow is not retired it has been 12 years since her last movie. We hope that this is just an extended career pause and that we will see some amazing new work from her sometime soon.

Title Any

The Flesh Merchant

Video: The Flesh Merchant

Jack Valentino (Neil Delama - Feast, the Summoned), a renegade Special Forces sergeant . . .


Mari-Cookie And The Killer Tarantula

Video: Mari-Cookie And The Killer Tarantula

Tonight - chukka chukka time!

Someone is kidnapping the affluent citizens . . .


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