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Lina Romay
Years Active: 1973 - 2010
Born: Jun 25th 1954 / Cancer
Birth Place: Barcelona Spain
Gender: Female
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Typical Hair Color: Brunette
Eye Color: Brown
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Lina Romay Pornstar Biography

Lina Romay is a brunette female porn star whose adult industry career commenced in 1973. Lina Romay was born on Jun 25, 1954. Coincidentally, she has the same birthday as Nadia Styles although she is 28 years older than Nadia Styles. Ms. Romay was born in Barcelona.

Lina's Porn Career

Lina has maintained a strong working relationship with SRS Cinema, LLC, Alpha France, and Seduction Cinema. She is quite versatile and has acted in films which are associated with 15 categories. These categories range from to action/adventure , and also horror and suspense.

Lina Romay has performed with a variety of other actors which include Johnny Carson, Montserrat Prous and also Michelle Bauer. Of all of her costars, you can find Ms. Lina Romay paired most frequently with Analia Ivars. The pair has been in 3 movies together. The collection of movies in which they have performed together includes Tender Flesh (Seduction Cinema), Vampire Blues (SRS Cinema, LLC), and Mari-Cookie And The Killer Tarantula (SRS Cinema, LLC).

The list of videos in which Ms. Romay has acted includes Blind Target, Mari-Cookie And The Killer Tarantula and Vampire Blues.

After devoting 38 years to her film career Ms. Lina Romay retired from the adult movie industry in 2010.

Title Any


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Broken Dolls

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Vampire Blues

Video: Vampire Blues

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A pretty American teenager from New Jersey goes on vacation in the south of Spain . . .


Mari-Cookie And The Killer Tarantula

Video: Mari-Cookie And The Killer Tarantula

Tonight - chukka chukka time!

Someone is kidnapping the affluent citizens . . .


Blind Target

Video: Blind Target

Maria Beltran emigrated to the U.S.A. from San Hermoso at an early age and now returns . . .


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