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Jon McBride Pornstar Biography

Jon McBride is a unknown model.

Jon's Porn Career

Jon has starred in movies produced by just a couple of adult film studios: SRS Cinema, LLC and Camp Motion Pictures. They have acted in movies including a number related to action/adventure, Entertainment -> B-Movies, and horror and suspense

Jon McBride has worked with a sizable group of actors including Sebastion Barran, Denice Edeal and also Angel Jager. Paired together 3 times, John Polonia has had the privilege of being seen most frequently with Jon. The collection of movies in which they have performed together includes Feeders 2: Slay Bells (SRS Cinema, LLC), Among Us (SRS Cinema, LLC), and Feeders (SRS Cinema, LLC).

The collection of movies in which Jon McBride appears includes Among Us, Hellgate: The House That Screamed 2 and Feeders. The two series in which Jon is featured are Feeders and The House That Screamed.

While Jon McBride is not retired it has been 13 years since last movie. We are hopeful that this is just a very long career pause and that we will see some fantastic new work from them very soon.

Title Any

Cannibal Campout

Video: Cannibal Campout

CANNIBAL CAMPOUT (1988) is the tender and terrifying tale of a band of man-eating . . .


Woodchipper Massacre

Video: Woodchipper Massacre

It's the brady kids meets the Texas Chainsaw Massacre in this heart warming, stomach . . .


Feeders 2: Slay Bells

Video: Feeders 2: Slay Bells

In Feeders 2: Slay Bells, the invasion continues as a family's Christmas is turned . . .



Video: Feeders

Out of the sky and onto your throats comes a lifeform more terrifying than anything . . .


Hellgate: The House That Screamed 2

Video: Hellgate: The House That Screamed 2

Six months after the disappearance of Marty Beck, in the house on Wingate Road, a . . .


Among Us

Video: Among Us

Four people went into the woods searching for a legendary creature...but it found . . .


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