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Sasha Graham Pornstar Biography

Sasha Graham is a female actress.

Sasha's Porn Career

Sasha has worked with adult film studios including Tempe Entertainment, Brimstone Media Productions, and SRS Cinema, LLC. This porn star is extremely gifted and has acted in films which are associated with 8 categories. The list includes featured movies for women, softcore and also Entertainment -> B-Movies.

Ms. Graham has acted with a number of models including Pete Jacelone, Debbie Rochon and also Alice Liu. Of all of her costars, you can find Ms. Sasha Graham on camera most often with Mick McCleery. The pair has been in 4 movies together. Their most recent film, Addicted To Murder, became available in 1995 by Brimstone Media Productions. The collection of videos in which they have performed together also contains Addicted To Murder 2 - Tainted Blood (Brimstone Media Productions), Alien Agenda - Out Of The Darkness (Brimstone Media Productions), and Rage Of The Werewolf (Brimstone Media Productions).

The list of movies in which Sasha appears includes Gut Pile, Rage Of The Werewolf and Addicted To Murder 2 - Tainted Blood. The two series in which Ms. Graham appears are Alien Agenda and Addicted To Murder.

While Ms. Sasha Graham is not retired it has been many years since her last video. We are hopeful that this is just an extended career pause and that we will see some amazing new work from her sometime soon.

Title Any


Video: Polymorph

Called deep inside the forest to help search for a fallen meteorite, a group of interns . . .



Video: Bloodletting

Serena Stalin wanted to learn from the best. So she tracked down Butch Harlow, on . . .


Alien Agenda - Out Of The Darkness

Video: Alien Agenda - Out Of The Darkness

The invasion has already begun. The invaders come from the far future. By instilling . . .


Addicted To Murder 2 - Tainted Blood

Video: Addicted To Murder 2 - Tainted Blood

New York City is one of the prime breeding grounds for the vampire, a creature that . . .


Addicted To Murder

Video: Addicted To Murder

What happens when a serial killer encounters something far worse than himself, something . . .


Rage Of The Werewolf

Video: Rage Of The Werewolf

After the asteroid collided with the moon, bringing it into a closer orbit around . . .


Gut Pile

Video: Gut Pile

Deer anxious hunter... a BAD decision! These are the elements that propel . . .


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