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Rachel Sheppard Pornstar Biography

Rachel Sheppard is a unknown adult model.

Rachel's Porn Career

Rachel has acted exclusively with SRS Cinema, LLC. This performer are highly talented and have worked in videos which involve 4 categories. The range of categories includes action/adventure, Entertainment -> B-Movies and also drama.

Rachel has performed with a sizable group of stars which include Steve Barrymore, Analia Ivars as well as Exequiel Cohen. They has appeared in 2 films with Lina Romay; the most of any of their costars. The collection of videos in which they are featured together consists only of two items: Vampire Blues and Blind Target.

The list of movies in which Rachel Sheppard appears has both Blind Target and Vampire Blues.

Title Any

Vampire Blues

Video: Vampire Blues

3 Ratings

A pretty American teenager from New Jersey goes on vacation in the south of Spain . . .


Blind Target

Video: Blind Target

Maria Beltran emigrated to the U.S.A. from San Hermoso at an early age and now returns . . .


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