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Rachel Sheppard Pornstar Biography

Rachel Sheppard is a unknown porn star.

Rachel's Porn Career

Rachel has starred only with SRS Cinema, LLC. They are extremely well rounded and have performed in videos which involve 4 categories. These run the range from horror and suspense to action/adventure , and also drama.

Rachel Sheppard has worked with a variety of other models including Exequiel Cohen, Oliver Denis as well as Johnny Carson. Of all of costars, you can find Rachel paired most often with Lina Romay. The two of them have been in 2 titles together. The collection of videos in which they are featured together consists only of two items: Vampire Blues and Blind Target.

The list of films in which Rachel Sheppard is featured consists only of two items: Blind Target and Vampire Blues.

Title Any

Vampire Blues

Video: Vampire Blues

3 Ratings

A pretty American teenager from New Jersey goes on vacation in the south of Spain . . .


Blind Target

Video: Blind Target

Maria Beltran emigrated to the U.S.A. from San Hermoso at an early age and now returns . . .


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