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Melissa Bacelar Pornstar Biography

Melissa Bacelar is a unknown porn star.

Melissa's Porn Career

Melissa Bacelar has worked exclusively with SRS Cinema, LLC. They have worked in films related to comedy, and horror and suspense

Melissa Bacelar has acted with a sizable group of stars which include Daniel Villarreal, Russell Gavin Cooper and also Livia Llewellyn. They has appeared in 2 movies with Joshua Nelson; the most of any of their costars. The collection of movies in which they have acted together has both Addiction and Strange Things Happen At Sundown.

Melissa has only appeared in Cornman: American Vegetable Hero.

Title Any

Cornman: American Vegetable Hero

Video: Cornman: American Vegetable Hero

A laughable loser stumbles onto a bucket of toxic waste in a cornfield and gains . . .


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