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Patricia Paul Pornstar Biography

Patricia Paul is a unknown star.

Patricia's Porn Career

Patricia has performed just with SRS Cinema, LLC. They have worked in films related to Entertainment -> B-Movies, and horror and suspense

Patricia has worked with a variety of other stars which include Kathy Willets, David Ketchum and Tom Karr. They has appeared in 2 videos with Joel D. Wynkoop; the most of any of their costars. The collection of films in which they have appeared together consists only of two items: Wicked Games and Creep.

The collection of films in which Patricia Paul has acted consists only of two items: Creep and Wicked Games.

Title Any

Wicked Games

Video: Wicked Games

We dare you to be a witness to the true insanity of a Coppermasked Madman who systematically . . .



Video: Creep

From the director Tim Ritter comes "one of the all-time cult favorites horror-flicks," . . .


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