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Rebecca Rose
Gender: Female
Ethnicity: Caucasian
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Rebecca Rose Pornstar Biography

Rebecca Rose is a female performer.

Rebecca's Porn Career

Ms. Rebecca Rose has worked with studios including HOM Studio, Arrow Productions, and B & D Pleasures. She is quite gifted and has acted in films which involve 13 categories. These span the spectrum from vignette plots to male on female spankings and, additionally, maids.

Rebecca Rose has worked with a variety of other models which include Desi D'Angelo, William Margold and Fawna. Of all of her costars, you can see Ms. Rose paired most often with Jeff Coldwater. The pair has been in 2 titles together. The collection of films in which they have appeared together consists only of two items: Main Course and Maid Service.

The list of films in which Ms. Rebecca Rose has acted includes Slave Farm, Collected Spankings Vol. 1 and Main Course. The two series in which Ms. Rose has acted are Zombie Bloodbath and Collected Spankings.

While Ms. Rebecca Rose is not retired it has been many years since her last movie. We hope that this is just an extended career pause and that we will see some amazing new work from her in the near future.

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Zombie Bloodbath 2: Rage of the Undead

Video: Zombie Bloodbath 2:  Rage of the Undead

Notoriously referred to as The Prince of Gore and The Master of Splatter, cult director . . .


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