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Klaus Kinski Pornstar Biography

Klaus Kinski is a unknown porn star.

Klaus's Porn Career

Klaus has worked in movies created by just a couple of adult movie studios: Apprehensive Films and Cheezy Flicks Entertainment. They have starred in titles including some containing action/adventure, classics, and horror and suspense

Klaus has acted with a sizable group of actors which include Mr. Lobo, Miss Mittens as well as Maria Lamor.

The list of videos in which Klaus Kinski has acted has both Cinema Insomnia - Creature and Star Knight. The only series in which Klaus Kinski has appeared is Cinema Insomnia - Creature.

While Klaus is not retired it has been 35 years since last video. We are hopeful that this is just a very long career pause and that we will see some captivating new work from them sometime soon.

Title Any

Cinema Insomnia - Creature

Video: Cinema Insomnia - Creature

"This 1984 knock-off of RIDLEY'S SCOTT's classic space vampire shocker ALIEN stars . . .


Star Knight

Video: Star Knight

It is the dark ages, knights patrol the countryside, kings make the rules, and princesses . . .


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