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Darryl Hanah
Darryl HanahDarryl HanahDarryl Hanah
Aliases: Daryl Hanah, Darryl Hannah
Born: Jul 14th 1972
Gender: Female
Ethnicity: European
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Darryl Hanah came late to the adult film industry - when she realized "it was the next logical step. Basically everything I was doing as a hobby was adult-related. I've always loved porn so, being a dirty girl, it was the next obvious choice in my life. Now I make a nice living doing what I like to do in my personal life. And I like that people can enjoy me - enjoying myself!"

The all-natural, 5'10" California-dream hottie (36D-25-35) from Mendocino County by way of Sacramento had settled into a career in restaurant management when, by stroke of luck, she began hosting parties for the Free Speech Coalition. She met several adult actresses at these events and became emboldened by their openness and friendliness (and happiness!) She was a bit shy when it came to her sexuality, but she loved watching porn - so she gave it a try. Funny thing happened: she found out she was plenty sexually confident...she just needed a camera and a chance to show you in films to realize it!

Darryl had an admitted tough childhood, spending much of those early years in foster care. But with a strong work ethic she survived, endured and excelled (manager, with an AA and certified as a massage therapist) by always keeping a positive attitude.

Early on, Darryl was in control and had a plan - and those around her shared in that plan's rewards! She admits in high school to "approaching all the hot guys to hook up because she wanted to cum, not to please a boyfriend" (as proof that these dudes were smart as well as lucky) nobody let the cat out of the bag that the hot, movie-star look-alike wanted sex as much as they did! Would you risk pissing off the "good thing" that wanted you as much as you wanted her!?

Moving from the State Capital to the San Fernando Valley, Darryl Hanah quickly established herself in SoCal's Porn Valley as a ringer for her mainstream namesake (notice the two 'r's & one 'n' - opposite the mainstream actress). Like the mainstream star she takes her name from, the adult industry's Darryl Hanah has a captivating beauty and radiates sexuality - because she loves what she's doing.

Darryl loves masturbation. She says she likely made it out of high school without being pregnant because she'd perfected the process long before she hit graduation. Now, as a rising adult film star, she figures they might as well pay her to do it and let you enjoy watching it, because she's going to do it anyway! She's not into demeaning stuff - that doesn't turn her on. Her one rule entering Adult was to never have any regrets. And to not do anything she doesn't find sexy. But you'll figure out what does turn her on when you watch her execute her self-described "dirty blowjob", or just getting lost in the great, "dirty" sex you can see in her growing library of movies!

And she's here to stay. Don't forget to visit this California beauty's website, and look for her as she travels around the country - to feature dance and give her fans a chance to meet her in person! She admits to not overloading herself doing too many adult films - she doesn't want to burn out, because she loves sex. And she loves sex on camera. Cum see for yourself - she wants you to watch and like what she likes to do - as much as she does...

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Comments and Reviews for Darryl Hanah

MrsMoriarty says:
 OMG Darryl is so ridiculously sexy! Just watching her enjoying herself makes me cum...Darryl, LOVE YOU, Girl! xoxo