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Claudine Beccarie
Years Active: 1975 - 1976
Gender: Female
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Typical Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
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Claudine Beccarie Pornstar Biography

Claudine Beccarie is a black haired female performer whose performing career began in 1975.

Claudine's Porn Career

Ms. Claudine Beccarie has worked with studios including Gourmet Video, Artsploitation Films, and 42nd Street Pete VOD. She is extremely talented and has performed in movies which are associated with 14 categories. These categories range from classic scenes for women to double penetration and, additionally, Documentary.

Ms. Beccarie has performed with a number of actors which include Monique Van Dam, Jenny Baxter and Richard Wildens. She has appeared in 2 videos with Marie-Noelle Louvet; the most of any of her costars. The list of movies in which they have performed together consists only of two items: Exhibition and Exhibition (019485750690).

The list of videos in which Claudine Beccarie has acted contains Penetration a.k.a French Blue, Exhibition (019485750690) and Exhibition.

After devoting 2 years to her movie career Claudine Beccarie retired from the adult video industry in 1976.

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Video: Exhibition

11 Ratings

Starring Claudine Beccarie, Benoit Archenoul, Marie-Noelle Louvet, Beatrice Harnois, . . .


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