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Amired Productions is an independent filmmaking organization run by Manuel B. Ramirez III, who is a screenwriter, director, producer and actor. Mr. Ramirez is based in NYC and has been involved with the creation of truly independent movies since 1998. He has created two fully completed projects so far: "Six" a drama/action/suspense feature and "M.U.G.R.A.W.", a comedy short. He is currently in pre-production of an untitled feature. Mr. Ramirez has also writted 3 scripts previous to "Six", one of which is being looked at by an independent producer based in Sony Studios, California.
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Video: Six

A woman is wrongfully kidnapped on a suburban street. Now it is up to a mercenary . . .



Video: M.U.G.R.A.W.

A humorous trip a new rating system. Mattie's Universal Guide for Rating Women lays . . .