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RodnieVision is a non-violent, non-degrading adult entertainment company. Home of the world's biggest facial cumshots from the King of Cream, Rodney Moore.

"Actually, it was never my intent to "get into" the porn biz. I was at the time very frustrated with my music career and resulting lack of enthusiasm for it. I had just moved to LA and was doing a telemarketing job just to pay the rent, the first time in years I had to do something other than music to support myself. I was always a major porn renter, so when I noticed the sudden arrival of "amateur porn" on the market in late 1991, I figured maybe I could make a few bucks on the side and have some fun by shooting a few amateurs. Next thing I knew, I was making more money selling amateur scenes to Mr. Peepers and Odyssey Amateurs, etc. than I was telemarketing, so I quit. I also never intended to be on both sides of the camera, but how could I resist when pretty girls were coming to my apartment, stripping and offering their bodies to whatever male talent I put in front of them. So I figured, it might as well be me."

Rodnievision (Rodney Moore) has 424 videos available to watch now.

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