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"Nobody is doing anything close to what these guys are doing," stated Michael Glasser of Hustler Video.

X-Play is the award-winning Hollywood based adult movie production studio credited with igniting the porn parody craze which revitalized adult movie sales nationwide. Owned by director Will Ryder and production partner Scott David, the team has created dozens of number one titles including parodies of the Brady Bunch, Married with Children, Bewitched, The Cosbys, M*A*S*H, Airplane, Britney Spears, Charlie’s Angels, Bionic Woman & the Six Million Dollar Man, Charlie Sheen, Jennifer Lopez, The Wizard of Oz, Grease, Love Boat, South Park, The Three Stooges, and Rocky. Since most of X-Play’s movies begin with the word Not, they were awarded a United States trademark barring any other company from using the word "not" to describe their adult movie.

With permission from AVN: A bona fide renaissance man, Will Ryder (the nom du porn of industry veteran Jeff Mullen) has made more strides in advancing adult entertainment as a whole, and single-handedly commanded more facets of it, than virtually any other individual in the past two decades. Director, producer, screenwriter, publicist, cameraman, music composer and deal maker, Will Ryder is an award-winning adult movie director, that created some of the most influential and commercially successful movies in porn history and is the driving force behind the modern porn parody movement which influenced every adult movie company.

Top-selling movies include Not the Bradys XXX, Grease XXX, Not the Wizard of Oz XXX, Flight Attendants, Not the Cosbys XXX, Not Married with Children XXX, Not Mash XXX, and Not Charlie’s Angels XXX. Not Bewitched XXX, Not Jersey Boys XXX, Love, Sex & TV News and over 140 young girl titles including Barely Legal for Hustler has allowed Ryder to carve out a spectacular resume which earned him the NightMoves Lifetime Achievement Award and over four dozen AVN, XRCO, CAVR, RogReviews and XCritic awards. Together with X-Play production partner Scott David, Will Ryder continues to create enjoyable movies and has been inducted into the AVN and XRCO Hall of Fame class of 2015.

With stories on Entertainment Tonight, The Insider, Access Hollywood, Fox News, CNN, NPR, The Daily Show, Howard Stern Show and many others, no single adult movie has earned more national television publicity than Not the Bradys XXX which is all part of the X-Play/All Media Play gameplan.

"It's what we do best," stated Jeff Mullen

X-Play is a division of All Media Play

X-Play has 34 videos available to watch now.

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