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Jan B Productions

My name is Jan B.

I am 51 years old, I have been married 35 years this July 8th I have two grown children and 1 grandson. I'm an average midwestern housewife. Well at least I was till I got in the porn business. I came from a very loving family (religious) believe it or not. I don't have nor have I ever had low self esteem, never been molested as a child. So how did I end up in the porn biz you ask? Well I just love to fuck plain and simple. I've been in the business going on 14 years and I have had some wonderful experiences. I've got several hundred videos to choose from and on that note I will close this little bio of mine and direct you straight to my videos for you to see what a little slut I have become, and how I'm turning other married ladies into sluts just like me.

love & licks, sucks and fucks.

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