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Onyxxx Films is a new company distributed by Heatwave Video that is producing entirely high-end, all-black product. "We had been getting requests for all black on black stuff," Sales Manager Alex Arenella said, adding that Onyx features a lot of anal scenes, but is not strictly all-anal.

Pimpfomation XXX, which will hit the streets on June 1, is the fifth title from Onyxxx, following the well-received Hit That Phat Ass, Vols. 1-3, and Analicious. "We were promoting Hit That Phat Ass Part 1 at the show [in Las Vegas]," Arenella said. "It's unbelievable how that series is doing. Retailers are taking more than distributors."

But expectations are higher for Pimpfomation XXX, which is already being promoted by street teams and will be touted in a commercial on BET. It stars Big Guess, a pimp and a rapper who has been "pimpin' bitches from LA to Oakland, Calif."

"There are real ho's and pimps in the movie," Arenella told "It's like a documentary, but X-rated."

There is even a Pimpfomation XXX soundtrack available through Mr. Johnson's own record label, Blacksmith Records. The album includes the title track "Pimpfomation" and such anthems as "Lose a Hoe, Gain a Hoe," "Hoe Be Gone" and "Bitch."

"There's going to be a crossover for record stores," Arenella said.

Pimpfomation XXX is directed by Phasion, who also brought Mr. Johnson to Onyxxx Films.

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