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EndingDiabetes.Net was created to help anyone who has Type 2 Diabetes and wants to reverse it naturally as I did in 2011. Everything I learned to lower my blood sugar and keep it low using diet, supplementation and exercise is contained in the book and workout video. I did all this without taking any kind of medications. I am sharing my knowledge with the world to help people reverse Type 2 Diabetes or prevent it from ever happening in the first place.

On this site you will find my book which explains, How I reversed Type 2 Diabetes, Naturally. It goes into great detail about how I changed my diet, lost 41 pounds and healed from severe neuropathy caused the elevated blood sugar. I also explain how I kept it low using exercise which is also demonstrated in the workout video. I have blood tests, body mass index tests and “before” and “after” pictures showing the dramatic change in blood sugar and physical appearance.

The workout video is needed because without exercise, it is difficult to keep blood sugar low, especially if you have become insulin resistant as I have. I have to exercise 3-4 times a week lifting weights in order to keep my blood sugar low. I explain how to train properly and efficiently in the workout video using proper technique, form, and breathing.

You can buy the 2 DVD video set or download the movie now. The book is a PDF and can be purchased separately or with the video for a discount.

Please consult with your doctor first while using the information. I am not a licensed physician or physicians assistant in any state. This information is to be used with your doctor in conjunction with your treatment plan.

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Weight Training For Beginners and Type 2 Diabetics

Video: Weight Training  For Beginners and Type 2 Diabetics

This instructional video covers the following topics:

1. Weight training

. . .