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Thanatopsis - Pyrchic Victory Box Cover
Approximate Running Time: 00:03:59
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    Don't miss out on this live solo performance by one of today's guitar heroes!
    The first ever Buckethead DVD compiles highlights of the guitarist's first 13 years as a performer and theme-park proprietor. From his days fresh out of the coop with deli creeps through his many collaborations and world travels, to his latest deadly sonic battles, you'll see Buckethead live on stage and in the coop, in ginge clips, music videos and early home video footage. A Spectacular career overview for newcomers and fanatics alike.
    Raised in a coop by chickens, Buckethead got his face and throat scratched up real bad, so he taught himself to play guitar for his friends in the cemetery. he wears a bucket on his head like a lightning rod to channel the spirits of the dead chickens straight through his nubs. With his power over sound frequencies (the deadly sonic arts), he protects chickens and his theme park Bucketheadland from attackers.
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    Cast & Stars: Thanatopsis - Pyrchic Victory

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